Heart & Soul

These next 4 blogs will form a small series on what God is directly talking to me about. They aren’t slick or polished, but instead they come straight out of my journal, from scrawled writings and sketches, and typed verbatim.

This first-in-the-series blog, ‘Heart & Soul’ was written over a few strong coffee’s one afternoon. It is simply a pouring of my heart on soul onto the page. (The caffeine also helped).

My soul was in unrest and this is a cry and prayer for more of God, more of His guiding presence.

I feel a pull. A passion. A prodding.

To move on.

A calling? Maybe.

An unrest? Definitely.

My soul aches for more.

A deep calling to deep.

A call to Jesus.

A call to more. A call for more.

A call.

To move on.

Men. Fathers. Brothers. Children.

The awakening of a dream.

A dream for 13 years.

Boys to warriors to men.

A longing to change communities from the inside out.

To change the heart of men.

Attacking and loving the core of our communities.

Awake my soul

Awake my soul

Like a river you will flow

Like a river you will flow

There is a wave of men who want to see a revival, a rebellion and a resurgence in the time. Men who say “Not now. Not Anymore”. Many of these men are picking up this baton of fatherhood and masculinity and they are marching forward. They are creating life for themselves and life for those they lead. Men who are free and healed are doing powerful things.

I want to see men set free.

I want to see men healed.

Lord, let me be used by you. To conquer freedom. To see families saved through your power.

We can run, straight in to your arms.


Every time we need you, we are met by love.

We can lift our hands to heaven.

Full of faith.

Every time we worship, we see your face.

Lord, let your goodness be shown.

Lead me to your desires.

Let me be a vessel to carry your presence and a mouth-piece to say it.

Let me be a bringer.

Much love,


* Lyrics from United Pursuit, Awake My Soul

** Lyrics from United Pursuit, Met By Love.

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