Pride & Joy

My children are 5 and 7 years old. A boy and a girl. We wanted more but a lengthy battle with fertility meant that we were many years behind our ideal time frame so we called it a day at two. Both my children are fiery and strong willed. That brings its challenges and its beauty in bucket loads.

There was a saying that was passed around some babysitters that “if you can handle the Harvie kids, you can handle any kids”. I took it that as a sort-of compliment.

Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

My treasure is in my children. My pride and joy. My energy. My ‘all’ goes into growing them and nurturing and training them.

My wife and I have a have a motto: ‘train them, don’t tame them’.
I don’t want them to be quiet or soft or submissive. I don’t want them to blend in or be the same as all the others. I want them to live out of their own character and personality.

A shop assistant told me and my son off the other day because he touched a display that was covered in fake snow. My son is 5 years old. If he didn’t touch it, I would have been worried. Boys like to get involved and use their hands and create and find things out for themselves. I was sure and certain in my response to the shop assistant in ‘explaining’ this.

A legacy will be passed down to our children from us as parents. A strong, powerful legacy that enables, equips and allows our children to transition into adulthood with assurance; or a legacy that is broken, destructive and causing our children to walk wounded. To read more on this click here.

Being a parent is the best and hardest job on the planet but it is worth every tear, every smile and every thanks you get along the way.

Train your children rather than trying to tame them. And in the same way, allow parenthood to train you rather than tame you.

Be all you can. All the time.

Much love.


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  1. Glen
    6th February 2017

    I admire the way you guys train your kids Rob. It’s obvious you put them first. Great blog mate.

    • Rob Harvie
      6th February 2017

      Thanks bud. It is always a challenge and something that needs constant attention, but it pays off.

  2. Marina Magdalena
    10th March 2017

    Love this! I’m adding “train them don’t take them” to my mummy mantras 😉

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