Adventure is Dangerous

I have purposely not posted any blogs over the New Year celebrations.

It would have been so easy to write a ‘live your dreams in 2016’ blog or a slick write up on ‘your best year is ahead’. But I don’t know that it will be your best year and I’m not sure it is fair for me to write that.

I have chosen to wait until all the shenanigans have passed and we are all back into the ‘real world’ to speak about 2016.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal”. Paulo Coelho

We all live with a routine. Alarm. Breakfast. Shower. Rush hour. Work. Rush hour. Home. Tea. Work. Bed. Most people are in full time jobs or school or university and many others have children – which throws a whole new level of routine into your world. Especially if they are young children. Routine is the way of life and there is nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes you need to step out of this routine and do something off-beat and different. Something adventurous.

For many people the picture of adventure is one of mountain vistas, fast cars and extreme sports. But for many adventure seems so far away, that not even dreaming makes it feel closer. A good friend of mine said recently “does it not feel like all your life goals are on hold when your kids are young?” I know what he was grasping at, but I feel that is the adventure. The madness, the fun, the ‘I’m-so-tired-I-could-cry’. It adds to the adventure.

Adventure by its very definition has to be daring and exciting and we have one shot at life to make it so. Life is wild and precious. Life is fun and free. So rather than making a list of resolutions for 2016 of things that you will inevitably quit most of before February, how about making New Year Commitments instead. Commit to living slightly differently, making say 5 changes, sticking to them and seeing how life is in April? It could be health. It could be fun. It could be reading more. It could be friendships. It could be getting out of the routine every ‘x’ amount of weeks and camping wild on a mountain or watching the sunrise.

Be purposeful. Be adventurous. Be life.

Much love. Rob

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