Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

Today I carried a coffin. A baby coffin. It broke my heart. It wasn’t heavy but we held on so tight we had white knuckles. Standing shoulder to shoulder with my friend, the father of the baby. Deep shaky sighs. Tears. No words.

This day has changed my friends. It has changed all who were there. Exhausted and holding on. As the balloons released to end the service, people broke. More than before. It was real. It was over. But it will never be over. It will always be real. It will always change. It will always be there.

What is there to say? Nothing. Just to stand and be and weep and grieve. As friends. As brothers. As a band of brothers committed to each other. I stand by my friends. I uphold them all. Men who have walked a journey. Men who are still walking that journey. Men who are staring that journey full in the face. Men who fight for their wives. Men who fight for the wives that they do not yet have. Men who fight for their children. Men who fight for the children they do not yet have. There is wave of great men washing this world with bravery and true masculinity. Men who sharpen each other. Men who challenge each other. Men who call each other to account.

If you count yourself as one of those men, then I salute you.

Band of Brothers, I salute you.

This is a call to all men. Stand true. Stand tall. Stand in honour.

Much love.


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