Divide & Conquer

I go to church. I enjoy church. I enjoy the unity and fellowship that it brings.
But church for me is not just 11am on a Sunday morning. It is the people that I share my life with.

Church is not a building. It is a group of people.

Matthew 18: 20. “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am with them”

Hebrews 10: 25. “…. not giving up meeting together ….. but encourage one another”


If church is simply a group of people, I go to church on a Thursday night with friends when I go rock climbing.

I go to church when I take groups of men out around a campfire and discuss life and share time together.

I go to church when I’m running up a hill in the dark with some of my equally bonkers mates.

I go to church when I’m sharing a drink in a coffee house.

I go to church when I share prayers and thoughts with friends via text message.
Church is people and the power that friendship brings.


Acts 2: 42. “They devoted themselves ….. to fellowship ….. and to prayer”


Fellowship, friendship and brotherhood are values that are screaming out of each one of us. Men are designed to live and experience life with friends in deep fellowship.

I see this all around me. In the gym, at the climbing centre, on the hills, in the city centre. Men growing and building and challenging and encouraging each other. Men are desperate for this.


1 Corinthians 12: 27. “Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a part of it”


To conquer this generation and to change the way Christianity is seen in this country, we need to go small.

Split into smaller groups; get smaller so we may talk bigger.

Divide into interest groups so that the bonds of friendship are made.

Men have been pushed into solitude and isolation over the past generations and it is killing the masculine soul.

Men are designed for fellowship.

Stay in church. Grow friendships.


Much love.


Rob Harvie Written by:


  1. Nick Franks
    9th January 2017

    Rock solid as always, bro 🙂

    • robbieharvie
      9th January 2017

      Thanks mate. 👍

  2. troy
    9th January 2017

    I could not agree more “Men have been pushed into solitude and isolation over the past generations and it is killing the masculine soul.” I would add men don’t always process by talking it out like women (I do, most dont). If the focus is deep conversation I believe men move away from it. If the focus is activity/ adventure/ something like that and conversation/friendship is the by product…men are all in.
    Troy- troyandkathy.com

    • robbieharvie
      9th January 2017

      Hi Troy. Absolutely. Adventure is written into our DNA. All my deep conversations and deep friendships have happened when on a hill, rock face and around a campfire. Thanks for the comment. Where you based?

  3. Martin Moorman
    11th January 2017

    Wise words Rob: a good way to start a morning thanks: way to early of course: I blame the wind outside, it’s blowing a Hoolie.
    I totally support the start small theory. Change the world one small step at a time: real relationships form in the smaller group convos imho. Fancy a catch up sometime? No running though: dicky knee needs protection from your madness. Cheers Martin

    • robbieharvie
      11th January 2017

      Thanks Mr M. Be great to share some time. Maybe a short walk and/or a campfire with your boys?

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