Equipped for the Season

In the UK at the moment, there is a definite change of season. The air has caught that cold streak that hits you in the morning and you are all too aware that frost is about to strike its beautiful patterns at any point and every morning you ponder your wardrobe choice of shirts, jumpers, hats, t-shirts and appropriate shoes (in my case that is still shorts and flip flops, but if it’s really cold, I’ll wear a bobble hat!). Winter is coming.

The seasons have changed. 

If you are anything like me, you will be digging out the car de-icer and checking your salt/grit quantity to tackle the quickly arriving snow. I’m equipping myself for the season.

It’s exactly like that in our personal life as well.

A new season in life is not necessarily controlled by time and neither is it particularly clear to us. It could be a new job or new stage of life (like parenthood or marriage). It can also be more subtle, like a feeling something different is happening…

Something is changing. The winds have changed and the seasons are new. And with a new season comes new tasks. Every new season demands new equipment.

New tools to tackle the job at hand. Like an ice scraper and di-icer. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17

“All Scripture is inspired by God….so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work”.

Whatever season you are in: old, new or unsure, what tool or equipment or ‘thing’ may help you? 

Why not ask God for a tool to help you? Ask Him to show you a picture of what it is you need and how to use it.

For example, this week I asked God to help me. I didn’t come with a list or even a desired outcome, I simply asked “Holy Spirit, I feel like I’m in a battle at the moment. What do you want to give me to help?”

And I took time to be quiet and to listen. 

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or difficult, it just needs to be honest and open. 

I instantly saw a picture. It was not a glamorous picture and it wasn’t complicated. I saw a picture of a sponge. Not a sword or a weapon to help in battle: a sponge. A standard kitchen sponge.

But I also felt God say this:

“You are a sponge. You help clean up after people. You help to mop up the ‘stuff’ of their life and help to clean them. But in the same way you would clean a kitchen sponge, make sure you are spiritually cleaning yourself. You would not wipe-up raw chicken with a sponge and then not clean it. That could cause some serious illness in your house. Make sure you clean your spiritual self regularly. Do that with prayer, with good friendships, with time alone topping up your ‘introvert tank’, with time in exercise and fresh air.”

I asked a simple question: “God, what do I need…” and I received a simple but profound answer. He gave me a tool for the season. 

What do you need from God today? Ask Him. God is interested in the simple aspects of our lives. Because the simple aspects, tend to be the most profound. 

Much love.


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