Fighting Talk

Recently I’ve been challenged to pray more. Actually that isn’t totally true. Not pray more. Pray better.

Prayer has always been part of my life. Just as you would talk to your friends, prayer should be the same with God. A chat, conversation, fellowship. And that is good and right and needed.

But recently it has moved away from just a conversation to something else. It has become something that I take time out to do. Setting time aside to attack issues with prayer. Not whispers, but fighting talk.

“The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.” James 5:16.

This is a great verse. It speaks of the power of mighty prayer. But if you read the verse before, it reads: “Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”.

The Greek translations of the words powerful and effective add even more weight to this bible verse.

“Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is strong, powerful and are at work, effective and will produce”.

The command of prayer can cause miraculous things to happen. I have seen some amazing things happen through prayer.

I got totally healed from a torn tendon in my ankle. The week before, I had completed my first ever marathon and I was good health. Whilst visiting friends, I stepped off his garden decking and, thinking I was on the lower level and not the top level, rolled my ankle. I heard a pop. Then ringing in my ears. Then searing pain. Crawling into the house with a black grapefruit size ankle, I realised I was in a lot of trouble. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t walk to the shop, And I certainly couldn’t run. Running was and still is the way that I process, clear my mind and connect best with God.

3 months of physio sessions and hospital appointments ended with “we don’t really know” and worse still “we will operate and see what the issue is”. I wasn’t having that.

A prayer night at church with 20 mins of warfare prayer with a friend, left me with an ankle with no pain, no stiffness and the next day I ran 5 miles.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. Prayer transforms situations.

Prayer must have an element of warfare attached to it. Because we are in a war.

A war for peace.

A war for protection.

A war for freedom.

A war that needs to be fought with prayer.

Prayer should provoke, stir up, edify, empower. Prayer should break chains, eliminate fear, restore vision. A prayer should be thankful, purposeful, direct.

For me, when I set time aside for prayer I ensure a few practical points:

I have time. I want to be able to pray without looking at a clock or checking I haven’t run over time. I’m not filling a gap with prayer. It is a time set aside, just as I would set time aside to work, to watch a film or to eat. This is time I designated to prayer.

I have no distractions. There is always stuff to do in a busy house with busy jobs and busy kids. But turn the busy switch off, put on some worship that you really connect with and be a good steward of your time by using it wisely and to full effect. Don’t waste the time you have set aside with things that can, and will wait.

I know what I want to pray for. Be purposeful with your prayers. Know what you are praying for. Know who you are praying for. And know what outcome you are asking for. Be specific with what you are asking God for. God knows exactly what you need. But you also need to know it.

Your prayers are powerful. Your prayers are at work. Your prayers will produce.

Tonight I will be setting time aside to pray for any and all who read this blog. I will pray for the healing of hearts, the mending of injuries and the breakthroughs in relationships. But mostly, I will pray that you can connect with God in a powerful, life-changing way. I will continue to pray this for you. You are welcome to drop a line or write a comment with specific prayer requests.

Much love. Rob

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  1. Beth
    2nd June 2016

    Awesome, challenging and inspiring. Thank you xxx

    • robbieharvie
      2nd June 2016

      Hi Beth. Thanks so much for your comment. Chuffed you like it. All the best. Rob

  2. Martin Moorman
    16th June 2016

    Great read Rob: i’m applying your ‘ankle warfare’ approach to my knees. I’ll let you know how i get on!

    • robbieharvie
      17th June 2016

      Absolutely. And I’ll be praying for it as well for you. 👍

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