Peace & War

“Let him who desires peace, prepare for war.” Vegtius

You can take meaning from this however best fits your life, but for me it means fighting for the things that I love.

My eight year old daughter is already being influenced by an over-sexualised world of trend, internet and social difficulties. Recently, she described herself as fat. 

When asked why she said this, she replied: “Well I’m bigger than Sarah. She is small and slim and I’m not.” To her big = fat. Small = slim.

Sarah is a lovely girl who happens to be very petite and slender. My daughter inherited my well-built Welsh farmer genes. My daughter eats well, is very active, very fit and can even do finger-tip chin-ups on the door frame. Fat, she is not. But in her young mind she is already battling concepts of ‘fat versus thin’. 

My son is six years old and is in the process of being diagnosed with autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He is a great young man but these traits carry daily challenges for him, his school and us. 

My wife and I work for the same charity and we travel regularly with our jobs. This is well-planned and dates set well in advance and our family commitment is always our first priority. But occasionally it feels we can be more like house-mates than spouses and life can sometimes hit the auto-pilot switch – kids, work, food, tv, bed. 

“Let him who desires peace, prepare for war.”

I will fight for my daughter. I will be a voice of truth and affirmation to her. A voice that fights for her health and teaches her healthy choices. I will fight to train her in how to face a ‘social’ world with confidence and not insecurities.

I will fight for my son. I will be his closest companion and help develop a strong sense of unity. I will teach him how to manage his emotions and how to communicate effectively. I will teach him compassion and love. 

I will fight for my marriage. I will ensure that enough time is being spent with my wife- not just being in the same room, but quality shared time. I will fight the auto-pilot that is so dreadfully rife across many households. 

Prepare for battle. Peace is at stake.

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