The disease called busy

“How are you mate?”

“I’m so busy…..”.

Sadly this is the response that is regularly given to describe someones week. But if are doing anything purposeful with your life, then of course you are busy. Jobs are busy. Children are busy. Life is busy. Busyness has taken over our world like a disease. People don’t seem to be able to live without busy. It has become a drug to many.

A friend apologised to me once, “Sorry we haven’t hung out mate. I’ve just been so busy”. It had been 9 months since we last hung out. You haven’t been busy for 9 months! I would have much rather him say “Sorry we haven’t hung out mate, you just weren’t top of my priority list”, because that was true. And I shouldn’t be top of his priority list, because he has a wife a children that fill those spots.

If the root is busyness, then the fruits look like exhaustion, friendships dwindling, marriage feeling the strain, children miss you or children not that bothered with you, health gone to pot, relationship with God struggling…you get the idea.

I wrote a blog recently about the ultimate adventure of doing nothing, and I guess these topics are linked.

Your priorities must be reflected in your time. Where you spend the lions share of your time is what is important to you. For me my priorities are quite clear:

  1. God
  2. Wife
  3. Children
  4. Family
  5. Friends / Church / Job (depending on the need)

I try to spend my time wisely and distributed well. There is no hard and fast rule but I’m mindful of it when organising my time. Sometimes some priorities demand more time and I make allowances for that.

This isn’t a life coaching session where I ask you to do an online questionnaire because you probably can’t be bothered or have the time (yes, I see the irony) but if you are feeling that areas of your life are not having enough time spent on them, or if other areas are taking all your time, ┬áthen maybe sit down, take a break and re-evaluate. Be purposeful with your time because you will either be a master to it or a slave to it.

Much love. Rob

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