The Journey

Stay patient and trust the journey

Have you ever followed someone’s directions to a place? Not a GPS signal or an address. But verbal instructions – turn left after the bus stop, 3rd off the roundabout….etc.

Some of my family moved house and they gave us verbal instructions to find it. They were decent instructions to a destination they have gone to regularly so the directions could be trusted.

Most of the journey was fine as I already knew it. But the last 10 minutes were a little more tricky. I started to question their directions and wonder where on earth we were heading. I nearly stopped to call them but I decide to trust their word. And sure enough, in the middle of nowhere, we saw the little cottage and car in the drive. We had made it. Going ‘old school’ with verbal instructions. Us 1 v 0 SatNav!

Life can take us on the most complex of journeys. Whether it be career, family or personal – we all journey through something. Chances are you are there right now. Navigating a challenge or difficulty.

If that is the case, please hear this: Stay Patient & Trust the Journey.

You started this journey for a reason.  You have sweated over it, followed the path and trusted it so far. Continue to trust it! It may seem like it is hard. You might want to stop. But trust the journey.

It isn’t the destination that makes it worth while. It is the journey.

It wasn’t the mountain that made Frodo. It was the quest to get there.

It wasn’t Goliath that made David. It was the training beforehand.

It isn’t the university ceremony that makes you. It is the years of hard work prior to that.

For many of my friends at present, the journey is fatherhood. This is a beautiful and complex journey that demands a lot. But it also gives so much more in return. It isn’t the “Yes we’ve made it – the kids are 18yrs old and leaving home” that makes the family, it is the constant decision to trust the journey of fatherhood from the beginning and be all you can be along the way.

The view from the mountain top is beautiful. But it is the climb that makes a man!

Whatever journey you are on, trust it.

You started it for a reason.

Dig deep.

Hold on.

Stay patient & trust the journey.

Much love.


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