The most spiritual moment – part 1

Over the last year, I have had 2 of the most spiritual moments of my life. One involved a campfire and a wild camp with friends in freezing conditions. You can read that in ‘part 2‘. The other, I was on my own.

I am a keen fell runner. Hills. Mountains. Mud. Rain. Snow. All while running. It is where I find my time to just be me. To push myself. To lose myself in nature. To have clear head-space. You can’t fake it while fell running. It was the 30th Dec and I set off to watch the sunrise from the top of a hill. I left my house at 6am, drove to a lonely car-park, laced up my trainers and headed off. No phone. No GPS. No watch. But I did pack my camera. This was a ‘beauty’ run. Not training or beating previous times, but to enjoy the beauty of creation.

I left the car-park and joined the familiar trail, all lit by head torch, that followed a river, through a forest and then climbed rapidly to the peak.


I saw no one for 3 hours. Literally, no one. There was a thick layer of snow and it was bitingly cold. Stillness. Silence. Complete silence. But at the same time, you could hear the whole forest breathing. Singing. Lifting a praise to God. It was an incredible silence.

I stopped a few times and aired my camera and drank in the moment.

The frozen landscape was in such beauty, that no photograph could ever capture it in all its glory. The run connected with my spirit on a level I had never felt before. I felt at one with my surroundings. Everything that had breath was praising the Lord.


I sat on the peak for  short while and just enjoyed the view. Enjoying the stillness. Enjoying the ‘nothing‘. I feel closest to God when outside. My spirit sings when I’m outside in creation. As I started the decent home, I felt God. I felt His presence. His being. No words had been said. No music playing. No Bible. But He was living and breathing through His creation. Totally beautiful. It was the most spiritual moment of my life.

I warmed up with caffeine and food in a coffee shop and I was home by lunchtime. Ready and refreshed for the coming New Year celebrations.

A morning well spent I felt.

Much love. Rob

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